Best Stocks Under 500 You Can Target In 2023

Best Stocks Under 500 : Small investors can buy stocks under 500 rupees to bolster their income, as the stock market is no longer reserved solely for large investors. Fundamental strength is key when selecting these stocks.

Best stock under 500
Best stock Under 500

If you are a new investor, it is important to be mindful of the risks involved when investing in the stock market. While it is not necessary to have a large sum of money to start investing, it is unwise to invest a significant amount without careful consideration of market conditions and your investment choices. Here are some fundamentally strong stocks under 500 rupees that you may want to consider adding to your portfolio as a new investor:

What are Multibagger Stocks ?

Multibagger stocks are stocks that offer significantly higher returns than their initial cost. These stocks are often undervalued and not yet discovered by the market, making them attractive investment opportunities.

They are typically stocks of fundamentally strong companies with strong corporate governance and scalable business models.If a stock’s price doubles in a short period of time, it is considered a two-bagger. If the price increases by ten times, it is a ten-bagger, and so on. The article we mentioned lists some of the best stocks under 500 rupees that have earned the highest returns and are considered multibaggers.

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Fundamentally strong stocks under 500

Sl NoCompany nameMarket capitalisation in ₹ crore% change in stock price in 12 month
1Tata Motors 1,38,661-20.53
3Hindustan Zinc1,40.3022.03
8Campus Activewear12,20110.00

Tata Motor

One of the best stocks to have in your portfolio is Tata Motor.

One of the world’s top manufacturers of automobiles, Tata Motors has a wide range of products. A variety of cars, sports utility vehicles, trucks, commercial vehicles, and defence vehicles are among their offerings.

Fundamentals Of Tata Motors

P/E RatioNA
Industry P/E Ratio (TTM)13.83
EPS (TTM)-22.06
Profit in 2022– ₹11,441 crore


Wipro is the first on the list of equities priced under 500 rupees. The firm provides consultancy, business process services, and information technology (IT) products and services globally from its Indian headquarters. It operates in three main markets: IT services, IT products, and Indian State Run Enterprise Segment (ISRE).

Fundamentals Of Wipro

P/E Ratio18.95
Industry P/E Ratio (TTM)27.49
EPS (TTM)20.56
Profit in 2022₹12.219 crore

Hindustan Zinc

The business operates a zinc, lead, and silver mining and smelting operation in India. It has two business divisions: wind energy and zinc, lead, silver, and other. Stocks of the corporation are now trading for less than 500. One of the top shares under 500 is this one.

P/E Ratio12.32
Industry P/E Ratio (TTM)10.89
EPS (TTM)26.85
Profit in 2022₹ 9,629 crore

Emami limited 

An Indian FMCG company called Emami produces and sells goods for beauty, health, and personal care. Emami is the finest stock under 500 if you want to gain exposure to the FMCG industry on a tight budget.

P/E Ratio22.45
Industry P/E Ratio (TTM)58.90
EPS (TTM)18.82
Profit in 2022₹839 crore


Customers can choose from a wide range of products at Marico. It is an FMCG firm that specializes in creating edible oil, hair care products, and personal care goods, as well as selling health, beauty, and wellness products.

P/E Ratio53.12
Industry P/E Ratio (TTM)19.52
EPS (TTM)9.53
Profit in 2022₹1225 crore

ITC Limited

Four business divisions make up ITC Ltd.: FMCG, Hotels, Paperboards, Paper & Packaging, and Agri. Cigarettes, branded packaged goods, stationery, personal care items, incense sticks, matchboxes, and other items are included in the company’s FMCG section. ITC is one of the finest all-season stocks under 500 due to its diverse product line.

P/E Ratio23.40
Industry P/E Ratio (TTM)NA
EPS (TTM)13.98
Profit in 2022₹15.243 crore

Biocon Limited

The biopharmaceutical firm is situated in India and specializes in the creation of cutting-edge treatments for diabetes, cancer, and immunology. The stocks are accessible for less than 500. Anyone who wants exposure to the pharmaceutical industry should buy this stock. But do your research before making an investment in any company. You should invest in industries whose operations you are familiar with.

Fundamentals Of Biocon Limited

P/E Ratio50.69
Industry P/E Ratio (TTM)39.00
EPS (TTM)5.15
Profit in 2022₹648 crore

Campus Activewear

Sports and athleisure shoes are manufactured, distributed, and sold under the Campus brand by Campus Activewear, an Indian sports and athleisure firm. You can list their shares among the top 500 under-500 shares.

P/E Ratio138.60
Industry P/E Ratio (TTM)65.39
EPS (TTM)3.14
Profit in 2022₹109 crore


In addition to the aforementioned businesses, you can explore the market for additional stocks priced under $500.

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Disclaimer: This piece was written solely for informational purposes. The securities mentioned are just examples, not suggestions.

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